Sunday, January 1, 2012

Luperon Stuff

Well, I have learned some interesting stuff over the last few days. For instance, did you know that 30% of the population has AIDS and another 30% has a antibiotic resistant version of syphilis? Wow, that's enough to keep "Willie" in the barn, if you know what I mean!!!

On the positive side, food here is very cheap. A can of corn costs 10 cents, and fresh bakery cookies are 10 cents each. A cup of delicious coffee in a nice restaurant is 25 cents. A large beer, enough for three glasses, is $1.00. Fresh live lobster is less than $10 delivered cooked and on your plate with rice and beans. Even imported stuff costs the same or less than in the U.S.

Ok, so I am now in a Spanish class two times a week. There are two other people in the class, a French Canadian couple. Very nice people.

Went for a ride through the countryside today. Wow, is it ever beautiful. Fresh green farm land with coconut palms. Terrific mountains and lovely valleys. The only down side is the people throw trash everywhere. It is very similar to Mexico, and parts of Southern California to be truthful. At least regarding the trash problem.

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