Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Busy Night in Luperon

Saturday evening was a highlight in Luperon. The local marina had a pre-hurricane 60s party that I went to. The food was horrible, very dry, and overpriced. The one man band, a local cruiser, was off key.

So, a group that I met heard that the Bahia Luperon (a restaurant in town) was televising the Lewis-Tyson heavyweight fight. Everyone hops in their dinghy and motors across the bay to Luperon. It's 9pm, so two drinks later (one in my hand) and off we go. I wish to report that I made it all the way across the bay holding a flashlight in one hand, the outboard controls in the other, and still didn't spill a drop of gin and tonic.

Bahia Luperon is a new restaurant opened by a guy from Belgium and a woman from England. The food is outstanding, the drinks are cheap, and the restaurant is clean. What else could you ask for? The fight was suppose to start at 9pm but nothing came on, 10pm still nothing, 11pm and the owner announces that everyone should grab their chair and come down the street to sit outside a house that has the proper cable adapter. So, off everyone goes to sit in the middle of the street at 11pm watching a television set sitting on a beer box. The TV is hooked up to a cable extension hanging from a second story window. Occasionally traffic comes by but there is room to squeeze between the seats. I had a balcony view which means I was on the curb with the open sewer running down in front of my feet. The cable would freeze frame every once in a while so we actually saw about 1/2 of the fight live.

But, what an experience. Only in Luperon.

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