Friday, December 30, 2011

Trip With a French Couple

I just got back from a three day trip around the DR with a French Canadian "family." We went East to the end of the island, a place called Semana. It is billed as a lovely city and the waterfront was ok but deserted. There is a huge bay coming into Semana but only a couple boats. I have heard it is not very safe with a lot of dinghy's being stolen. I can't afford to have that happen again.

We went on to Los Torreanos, which is basically a Swiss-French colony on the island. No one speaks English. The bay there is picture postcard perfect and the prices are wonderful. I paid $20/night for a bungalow with a double bed, bath, shower, and overhead fan. It was lovely. The water is crystal clear, the waves lap against the shore after having washed across a reef that protects the bay, the French women all go topless (Yes, ladies I do appreciate looking at God's artwork, Thank you very much. As I once heard, you can enjoy an art gallery without touching the paintings.) Sunday morning shortly after sunrise I had a lovely beach walk with a gorgeous brunette, big eyes, lovely smile. There were just the two of us on the whole beach. Perhaps I shouldn't tell you she is only 8 years old and has adopted me as Grandfather.

Another interesting thing I have seen are the washing machines. The washing machines here are a little smaller than in the US. I have seen them strapped on the back of a motorcycle being carried home. The rider has one hand on the handlebars and one hand trying to hold up the washing machine. Several times I have seen them outside peoples homes. The washing machine is there, the water is in the machine but there is no electricity to the house. So, they are basically using the machine as a large tub. But, I am sure that they have high hopes that someday electricity will come to their village. Parts of the island have new concrete electrical posts so there is an overall plan.

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