Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More on Luperon

Here are a couple interesting, well at least I think interesting, notes on Luperon.

I walked into town Saturday. Took the long route around the bay, over the hill, and through the dale. Mostly countryside with chickens, horses, and cattle. I finally made it into the village and was sitting in the plaza enjoying an ice tea when … ok, you are not going to believe this but it's true, there was a cattle drive down through the main street of town. Yep, two local cowboys on island ponies (they are smaller than our horses) were driving about 30 cows down the main street. It's stopped all the traffic, not that there was that much to begin with, but stopped everything as the cattle, horns and all, went through town. I thought I was watching a western movie. Amazing.

Here is the second interesting note. The Dominican Republic has a local reputation for having "friendly" (and girls you know what I mean) girls. So, I am having breakfast at the marina this morning and I heard they have the Spanish tradition here of the single girls walking in a circle around the plaza on Sunday evening. The single guys used to walk one way and the girls the other way, but the guys got lazy and so just sit and watch what is going on. It must be the American influence (just kidding.) I am talking to this one cruiser, Robert, who came down here specifically to find a Dominican girlfriend. Robert looks around 50 or so but when I asked him, he said he was 70. Ah yes, the cruising life is good for your stress level.

Anyway, Robert has had a couple girl friends and one he wanted to actually marry but the lady's Mother didn't see Robert as a suitable husband. Why you ask? Glad you asked that. Remember Robert is 70. The single girls he is dating are still in their teens and the "love of his life" was 14. Even I think that is a might young!! Gad, what do you talk about … things like "totally" and "awesome" and "radical"? Nope, that is to out of date. Oh well, it didn't matter because Robert can't speak Spanish and the girl couldn't speak English. So, I am going in tonight to check this out.

I will report later. Unless I end up married. But, you don't have to worry about my getting married. I was told you can buy the local girls anything but shoes. If you buy shoes, it's a sign of engagement. NO SHOES!

Hm. Maybe I should find my son a good Dominican while I am out looking.

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