Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Day in the DR

I woke up this morning to the sound of many birds singing. The harbor here is surrounded by mountains covered in forest. It is very green. I read that the rainy season is from June to November and they get about 60 inches. We will see. I moved the boat into a very protected little corner of the bay and am now protected from just about everything. I still feel the afternoon trade winds but it keeps things comfortable.

Medical issues are not a problem here. The medical clinic is free to locals and cruisers. There is a $6.00 charge for any lab work that has to be done. I am told there are a number of Dominican doctors who spend their career in the US and then come back to the DR to retire. The clinics are how they keep their hands in the business. Major medical does cost more but I don't know the details for that.

I have been lying around all day as I scraped the front of my leg a week ago and it is not healing quickly. So I am staying off it today, cleaning it out frequently and covering the wound in Polysporin. Did you know that you can also get prescription medicine here without a prescription? Similar to Mexico in that regard.

I helped a fellow cruiser this morning with weather forecast information. He and another fellow are taking a catamaran that they bought in St. Croix, back to Florida. He just came by and invited me to dinner with them so I will see a little of Luperon's nightlife tonight.

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