Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dutch Couple in Luperon

I met a Dutch couple yesterday. I was sitting in the plaza trying to decide what to do with the day when a local "bus" came by and dropped off this couple. They were clearly lost so I asked if I could help. One thing led to another and I ended up giving them a tour of Luperon, a dinghy trip around the bay, a visit to VP, and finally we hiked up the nearest hill for an overview. In exchange, they bought me dinner. Great trade and I had a nice day. One of the interesting statistics from their guidebook was that 80% of the Dominicans are under 25 years old. Wow. Now that I look around I certainly don't see very many middle age or older people.

It rained a little yesterday afternoon and last night. Very calm this morning. Nothing much else going on. I hadn't heard from my son for a couple weeks so sent him a specific email. I got back a one liner, very busy and nothing else going on. Oh well, at least he is still alive … not the most communicative individual I have ever met.

The information I have says it stays about the same temperature year around here. The low is around 75 and the high around 95 but as long as the trade winds keep blowing that will be fine.

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