Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Left Provo

Well, we made it safely to Big Sand Caye. This is the last island in the T&C chain and we had to cross the Columbus Passage to get here. It was very bouncy with 25 knot winds and 10 foot seas. This island is a paradise. There is no one here except for terns, sea gulls, and a few oyster catchers. On the North end of the island is a large rock iguana colony. The water is crystal clear with numerous rays and other fish. The water is so clear that the white underbellies of the terns look turquoise as the light is reflected off the water. Beautiful coloring. We walked around the island this morning, took about 3 hours, and are now having lunch in preparation for the overnighter to Luperon. We will leave here around 2pm and, hopefully, arrive in Luperon around 6am

Monday morning. Barry and Rahul will then hop a bus to the nearest airport and return to Provo.

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