Saturday, September 3, 2011

Leaving Provo

Well, I left the dock today. It is a memorable day as I had almost forgotten what it feels like to have the deck sway under your feet. I am anchored in Sapadilla bay, the same place where I lost my old dinghy and outboard and started this adventure in T&C. I now have everything replaced and repaired.

The deck is swaying, the timbers (ok so it's aluminum and fiberglass ... sheesh). Anyway, the timbers are groaning, the waves slap against the hull, and life is good. I have two buddies who decided at the last minute that they wanted to sail down to the DR with me. Barry is the owner of Harbourclub villas where I have stayed for the last three months. Raul owns a small resort called Seagate. Neither of them have sailed before so I am seeing the adventure through their eyes. It's interesting how I have become jaded to the excitement of sailing. They will also make it much easier to cross the banks (extra eyes) and the overnight sail (guess who will get the mid watch ... not me!!) Anyway, I pick them up at 6pm and we will have dinner on board. They are bringing BBQ chicken (Raul loves to cook.) Sorry ladies, he already has a beautiful English girlfriend.

We will raise anchor at dawn and the off to Ambergis Caye, Sand Caye, and then on to Luperon. I hope to get to the DR early Monday morning. We leave on Friday and anchor overnight at the two cayes mentioned above.

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