Saturday, September 10, 2011

Arrival in the Dominican Republic

Vantage Point is safely anchored in Luperon harbor, Dominican Republic. I am going to like it here. The customs and immigration people were the friendliest I have met in 1 1/2 yrs. and the exchange rate is 18 pesos to the dollar. It was a rough trip from Big Sand Caye over here. Big Sand Caye was lovely but we had to leave around 2pm to have an expected ETA of 8am next day. The seas picked up and, of course, we were going almost directly into the wind. It was very rocky and rolly with seas coming over the top and some actually spraying the entire length of the boat. My two novice crew members were queasy and tried to sleep leaving me to stand an all night watch.

Actually, I did sleep a little as there is absolutely no one out there until you start getting close to the DR. Anyway, we arrived late. The guide books say to absolutely not come in after 8:30am but we were about 8 miles offshore and decided it couldn't be any worse that what we had experienced all night. Actually, it was better.

This is a large anchorage but there must be over 50 boats here, some waiting for a good weather window to go on, some probably staying for the hurricane season. This is a good hurricane hole as it is surrounded by mountains except for the north entrance to the bay.

Barry and Raul had to catch an airplane this afternoon so they left as soon as we cleared immigration and customs. They left a lot of fresh vegetables and milk. I don't know how long they were planning on staying but they must have been planning on eating a lot. Thanks Barry and Raul for all the food!

I came back to the boat as I was exhausted and getting light headed. I have now eaten several times and drank lots of water. After a good nights sleep, I will be off exploring Luperon. Should be fun. The water here is muddy, must be fed from a river someplace but the positive side is a muddy bottom is a good holding bottom. I look forward to many comfortable nights rest.

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