Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Raid

Well, in our last installment we left Jeannie and Jim contemplating a raid on the local cruise line beach party.

Our adventurers dressed up as tastefully as possible, doing everything they could to look like we were from New York … or at least Brooklyn. We took the dinghy to a cove just around the corner from the festivities and tied it to a dead tree. Putting on our best clothes we walked onto the party grounds and promptly ordered a large Rum punch. The bartender was very confused when he heard we did not have a boat card but only money. After some confusion he decided to take some of our money. We then walked over to the local buffet line and piled as much meat and vegetables on our plate as we could carry. We then sat down with some inconspicuous looking people who turned out to be from Milwaukee and Minnesota. We told them that we had crashed their party and they thought it was great fun. The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to talk between large mouthfuls of food.

The cruise boat left at 3pm so we staggered back to our dinghy to find it was mostly swamped but the engine still started on the first pull, so we slowly motored back to Vantage Point. A long nap was then in order.

So, that brings us up to date. The wind is shifting to the South just as our weatherfax predicted so we plan on moving on tomorrow morning. Hope everything is wonderful with all you folks back home. It has cooled down sufficiently here that I had to put a light shirt on this evening. Otherwise, pure paradise.

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