Wednesday, August 31, 2011

North Caicos

I just got back from a weekend in North Caicos. What a different place from Provo. I was invited to a birthday party Friday night in North Caicos so flew over Friday afternoon. The airplane held 5 people plus the pilot. It cost $30 for a 12 minute flight that never got more than 500 feet off the ground. Flying over the bay you could see all the coral reef and how crystal clear the water is.

When I landed at the North Caicos airport there was the friend's boyfriend waiting to take me to their hotel. The boyfriend is a local Turk Islander whose nickname is "Poach." Poach got his name because in the 70's the government was encouraging local fishermen to bring in Dominican and Haitian fishermen who were violating the local fishing waters. Poach and some other young fellows brought in some Haitian fishermen but Poach also got thrown in jail because the local police didn't know him and he looked like a Haitian. He was about to be deported when a government official inspected the soon-to-be returned Haitians and recognized Poach. He was promptly released, but earned the nickname Poach which is short for "Poacher boy."

Anyway, there was a poolside party Friday night. I was the only (maybe token) white guy. There were three white women and everyone else was black. Either the locals are rude or very shy but no one other than the three white women would talk to me. But the music was great and I had a good time.

Saturday I went to a beach party with the three white women and three locals (blacks.) We took a pontoon boat out to a separate key where the guys dropped us off on the beach and then took off fishing.

I did some snorkeling, some exploring, and a lot of chatting. We lit a beach fire with all the driftwood and when the guys came back they had three fish and 7 lobster (ignoring the slight issue that lobster season is closed.) But, we quickly ate all the evidence and had a nice conversation.

Saturday night was the "highlight." The Turks islanders love dominos and there was a domino tournament at a local restaurant. Again I was the only white male and these guys really get boisterous over dominos. They bad mouth each other and slam the domino down on the table. The tournament was the "government employees" vs. guys representing the restaurant. The government won going away but it was two hours of loud noise and slamming dominos. Very interesting but not something that will make the Wide World of Sports.

I flew back today and am now resting. But, I had to tell you folks about all the exciting times going on down here.

I am still waiting for my dinghy and outboard motor, it has been promised for a week from Monday and I think the odds are pretty good this time. I am starting to get antsy and so will probably move on down to the Dominican Republic for a few months.

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