Sunday, August 7, 2011

Leaving Eleuthera

We left Miller's cove, the south-west corner of Eleuthera Island, two days ago and did a one day motor/sail trip over to Little San Salvador.

Little San Salvador is a very interesting little crescent shaped cove that, sometime over the last ten years, has had a completely fake town built on it. My chart shows the place as a lovely sheltered cay - which it is - but the Bahaman Government has built this town that is only occupied during the day.

Around 8am a boat comes over from Eleuthera bringing the locals. At 10am a cruise line arrives and dumps a load of pale white bodies on the beach. At 3pm the pale bodies leave, and at 4pm the locals leave. Amazing. There is no one on the island after 4pm, just this apparently abandoned town (which by the way includes a church that can hold up to 8 people.)

Anyway, we left Little San Salavador yesterday morning and had a great close haul sail (we averaged over 6 knots) straight down to Hawk's nest, which is on the south-west corner of Cat island. There is a little river here which we came up the river to get out of weather and guess what? There is a marina here with about 8 boats and a 4 star hotel. So we had a very expensive but very delicious dinner last night and are tied to a dock. It was wonderful to get a full nights rest without having to watch the boat movement.

Today we are off for Conception Cay, about 30 miles, and then tomorrow to Rum Cay, another 30 miles, which has a town called Port Nelson. After that it's about 5 more days to Turks and Caicos.

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