Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crooked Island

The last message stated we were headed toward Conception Cay and then Rum Cay. Well, we missed them both. The wind was coming directly on our nose (of course) and was so strong we were only making about one knot. So I decided to blow them off and sailed down toward Long Island. It is called Long Island for a reason. It took us all day and all night but we finally got to the bottom end and then we turned left (as the wind had died down) and motored over to Crooked Island. That is where we are now having arrived here 35 hours after starting off for a five hour trip.

Ah well. We are sheltered by the island but there is some swell and the boat is rolling. It will be a fun night but better than staying up like last night. Tomorrow I plan to sail to the other end of this island and then stop for the night. Then it is two more days to Turks and Caicos. We hope!

The prop shaft worked its way out again, just a little this time - about a quarter of an inch. I hammered it back in but will need to have a mechanic look at it when I get to T&C.

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