Saturday, August 13, 2011

Arriving in Provo

We had an interesting adventure since leaving Crooked island but we are now safely tucked in a cove in Providenciales (Provo.) We left Crooked Island two days ago in the morning and planned to sail for the day then stop overnight. Well, there was no place to stop so we continued overnight arriving at Mayaguana Island the next morning.

Mayaguana Island is the photo perfect island, heavily wooded with palm trees on the beach and a reef ringing the island.


Yep, there is a hole in the reef that we successfully navigated and anchored in 12ft. of water. Let out lots of chain and almost backed down on a coral head that was only about 3ft. under the water. But thank God, we missed it. That afternoon we headed out for the overnight trip to Provo.

Well, going out we didn't quite miss the reef, we bounced twice, fairly softly and then cleared. It was amazing how the water went from 12 -18 feet down to almost nothing in less than the boat length. Quite a sound when your boat goes bump on the bottom. We sailed all night and then came into Sandbore channel. This is the only entrance into Provo and is about 10 feet deep in places - the places that don't have coral heads anyway. So, we waited until the sun was up so we could see into the water and slowly, slowly made our way in. And here we are.

I just finished clearing customs, which was an interesting experience.

The Customs office is located at a commercial dock where there are currently two freighters unloading and a fishing boat that must be from Haiti. It is all wood, has a single mast with more ropes tied to it than I have ever seen, and a gang of black men running around yelling at each other.

The lady in Customs was quite nice so it was a pleasant adventure.

Don't know if we will take a nap before getting off the boat but both of us are quite anxious to touch land. Jeannie, my faithful crewperson, has ran out of shorts and is now working on her slacks. She still doesn't understand that you wear clothes on board until they stand up by themselves.

We do have to find a laundromat pretty quickly.

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