Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost Had a Job

It must be time to leave this island - I had my first job offer yesterday.

I am tied up near a dive boat that carries about 25 divers. The owner asked me to stay and run the boat for him. It appears there is a shortage of responsible people on the island. If he thinks I am the responsible one then things must be getting pretty desperate.

I told him I had to be in the Dominican Republic during May, but would keep in touch with him with the possibility of coming back here in June.

I am thinking about the, very vague, possibility of coming back and working on the boat until the end of hurricane season.

But that is long term planning, anything over two weeks qualifies as long term.
You see, I had a slight scare yesterday. I worked two days on the dive boat giving guided tours and chatting with the single women. But after two days I found it was beginning to feel like a job so I quit!

The idea of doing useful labor again is slightly repugnant and I hope that scary feeling doesn't come up again.

On a lighter note, I now have a new lady friend. She came down here four years ago on a diving vacation with her husband. She liked the island and asked the dive boat operator if there were any job openings. He said he needed a webmaster so she took the job. Slight problem - she didn't know anything about website design so she bought a book and taught herself. When her husband said it was time to go back, she said “Bye” and stayed. Interesting strawberry blonde from Seattle, Washington. We have gone out a couple times and she has now invited me to go with her to North Caicos for the weekend. There are two parties over there Friday night and Saturday night. Should be fun.

I am giving some serious thought about coming back here after visiting the Dominican Republic for a while. We will see.

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