Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Voice in the Dark

The sound came late at night. The boat swayed as it accepted a large weight on the port side. I was huddled near the radio trying to hear above the static, was there anyone else alive in this god-forsaken place (ok, it was the TV and there were a lot of commercials.) The whale oil lamp flickered in the dark (110v ac lamp connected to shore power) and the wind whistled through the rigging (distant sound of a train passing by.) Scared, alone, starving (it had been two hours since dinner - soup, fresh salad, vanilla yogurt and fruit for dessert), I wondered … what was that noise?

Slowly, carefully, hesitantly I reached the hatchway. What was outside? It was cold there, terribly cold (I actually had a heater on in the boat.) I opened the hatchway and in a trembling voice squeaked: "Who's there?"

A voice came back from the dark … distantly low, growling, disembodied … "I locked my f...king boat, can I borrow a light?"

Fearlessly, I handed out a candle (ok, a big flashlight) and a hand took it into the darkness. The side of boat swayed as the weight left it and the voice returned to the darkness. I had survived another great adventure.

Oh well, it still beats working!

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