Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Am Sick

I'm sick, you are sick. We are all sick if we are not doing exactly what we want to be doing. Yes, I know it's easy to say but sometimes we have to work to pay bills, to feed our kids, to help our aging relatives, to collect silly pieces of green paper. Why? Because we have been trained to be useful; to chase green paper because our beautiful, wonderful economy depends on people chasing green paper. Because we think that is life.

It's not. Life is self-fulfillment. Life is self-actualization. Most of us don't live life, we are sick.

I'm sick because I am sitting in a house full of moving boxes, a cat, and a dog. What happened? I am supposed to be sitting in a lovely, warm cove listening to seagulls and pelicans dive for their breakfast. I am sitting here because I am waiting for a dear sweet lady to go sailing with me. But I am leaving February 1st. whether she comes or not. I know how long I am going to be sick. I don't know how long I have life.

When are you leaving? Why are you sitting there? Some of us are young. We are striving to collect enough green paper to support a family, to make a ‘name’ for ourselves, to find satisfaction in doing a good job. Ok, just remember why we are sitting there. But, remember that is not life. We are sick.

Some of us are sitting there because that is what we have always done. We have collected and lost more green paper than most people will ever collect. Why are we still sitting there? Because it is what we are used to doing. We are sick.

Some of us are sitting there because we believe other people need us. They do need us. But they will survive without us. Nothing would change. No one is that important. We are sitting there because we have a need to be needed. It brings a purpose into our life. We are sick.

Some of us are sitting there because …

If I am not doing exactly what I want to do, what Maslow called Self Actualization, then I am sick.

Life is very short. Sometimes we realize it may be shorter than expected. It does not go on forever. We are all sick but we can become well.

What would make you well? Physician, heal thyself.

I love you all. Ok, I have way too much time on my hands, but think about it.

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